As a member of aLIVE Coverage's team of the nation’s top live music photographers specializing in helping festival promoters meet every aspect of their photography needs, before, during, and after their event. You'll receive every item on the shot list, from epic main stage shots to intimate fan experience around the festival grounds.


Sometimes in life , we encounter instances when the moment deserves to be captured. The natural now, spiced up by the art of photography. Lifestyle is something I personally categorize to cover that which everyone encounters in their daily life. I like to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times.


As I travel, I work with companies and tourism boards to deliver marketing content with the primary focus of attracting future visitors.  My photography is colorful, vibrant, and sharp. For me, it’s not only important that we get the shot, but it’s crucial that we deliver it with enough quality/ resolution to print it out on a large billboard so that our photography can be used for any purpose, not just Instagram.